Cryo Slimming & Toning

Introducing Cryo Slimmimg & Toning and Cryo Facials


What is Cryo Slimming/Toning and Cryo Facials

Cryo Slimming/Toning and Cryo Facials is a non-invasive, body contouring treatment that is used for slimming, cellulite reduction, and toning. CryoSlimming uses the science of cryolipolysis (cell death) through the concentrated application of heat and cold to destroy fat cells. CryoToning helps improve microcirculation and speed up metabolism, which results in higher collagen production. This helps reduce cellulite and improve fine lines and wrinkles.

How does it work?

The treatment lasts for 20 (CryoToning) to 30 (CryoSlimming) minutes and is done with the application of the Cryo wand in a massaging technique.

The CryoSlimming technique begins with heat and then a sharp decrease in temperature to cause fat cell death (cryolipolysis). These cells will be passed out through the lymphatic system.

The CryoToning treatment works by cooling subcutaneous fat areas (fat directly underneath the skin) of the legs, arms, face, etc. which creates vasodilation or expansion of the blood vessels. This stimulates collagen production which break down the fibers that create dimpling.. Clients may return to normal activity immediately after. For best results, no sugar should be consumed 2 hours before and after the CryoSlimming treatment. Hot Yoga right before or after both treatments is also discouraged.

Frequently asked Questions



Q:  What are the benefits?

A:  The major benefit sought is a large decrease in fat mass, measured between 15% and 40% with an average of 38% fat loss on the subjects tested.

Q:  How often can it be done?

A:  Slimming can be done every 15 days, so as to allow for the lymphatic system to fully cycle out cellular waste from prior sessions.  Toning can be done once a day. Doing sessions outside of these guidelines would overload the natural processes in the body, producing a less desirable result.

Q:  What to bring beforehand?

A:  Nothing is needed. For slimming in particular, it is best to avoid sugars and carbohydrates 2 hours before and after.  Facials should not be completed on clients who have had injectables (Botox/Fillers).  Clients should wait for 1 month after Botox or 3 months after she/he had fillers.

Q:  Is there weight loss results with this session?

A:  The slimming session produces weight loss, through the destruction of fat cells and additionally the drainage (via the lymphatic system) experienced following the session.

Q: Can multiple areas be done at once?

A:  You can do one slimming session at a time, in conjunction with one or more toning sessions (within reason). It is advised that upper body and lower body are treated in separate visits.

Q:  Side effects?

A:  Localized redness and discomfort lasting around 2-3 hours is common. It is advised that clients do not wear any products on their skin, as they may crystallize during the session. Some people may feel numbness lasting up to 3 days after the session.

Q:  Ideal candidate?

A: The ideal candidate for Cryoskin 2.0 would be someone who is under 35 BMI. Maximum treatable area is half area of A4 on either side. The sessions  are most effective on smaller problem areas of fat and cellulite that are stubborn against diet/exercise.

Q:  How long do results last?

A:  Depending on the individual, results may last several months to several years. It is advisable to have 2 to 3 maintenance sessions following the end of the treatment (3-6 sessions advised as a treatment’) for longer lasting results.

Q:  How does it feel?

A:  The hot setting may feel similar to a warm massage, for Toning and the cold phase of slimming, clients will experience a localized cooling, typically experiencing some brief numbness toward the end of the session. This is completely normal, and should subside following the session.

Q: Is there anyone who cannot do the sessions?

A: Though the sessions are very low risk, sessions are not recommended for anyone under the age of 14 or if they have the following:

  • are pregnant
  • have extreme sensitivity to cold
  • have cancer
  • have Raynaud’s Disease (local numbness/coldness due to poor circulation) 
  • are diabetic

When will you see results

Cryo Slimming results are generally visible after the first treatment; however, it should be noted that the best results appear 15 days to 3 weeks after the first treatment and extend for several months afterwards. The best results occur around 5 sessions – average fat loss was a 38% with a sample of 100 people. We measure the area you would like to be treated before and after the first session and you can see immediate impact. Treatments take between 20 and 30 minutes.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**Cryo treatment is not recommended for clients who are pregnant or breast feeding (No to breast feeding), diabetic (must have doctor approval), allergic to cold, severe Raynaud’s syndrome and/or kidney or liver disease. No one under the age of 15 due to puberty; under 18 need parental permission. No CryoToning facial treatments within 3 months of Botox and/or fillers. Must allow minimum of 14 days between CryoSlimming treatments.