Scalp Micropigmentation

Facelift Scar Camouflage - First Session

Hairline Microblading

Initial procedure for hairline microblading.  Hairstrokes will be extended at next touch-up session.

VIDEO: Microblading First Reveal Stage

A thorough brows measurement and alignment done to achieve a symmetrical brows followed by microblading & shading procedure.

VIDEO: Microblading Before and After

Eyebrows alignment with microblading and shading for full eyebrows transformation.

VIDEO: Skinny Eyebrows Transformation

Hair strokes implantation to replace old/faded tattoo for skinny eyebrows.

VIDEO: Fuller eyebrows transformation

Microblading and manual shading procedure for eyebrows to improve patchy eyebrows.

VIDEO: Thin eyebrows transformation with microblading

VIDEO: Microblading & Light manual Shading

Microblading & light manual shading for a natural looking eyebrows.